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XL Magazine  - AUSTIN COFFEE SPOTS- 100 coffee shops, 83 percent independent 

“I drove past this casual-looking Lakeway spot several times, but, man, am I glad I persisted. Hands down, the best americano in Central Texas, along with warm, rich cookies and espresso fudge. The owner is extraordinarily engaged with his customers - rare for a coffee shop-and the cafe fare is organic as they come.” 

Austin American-Statesman - "Time to savor all that makes Austin beloved"

 “For the soaring condos, apartments and lofts downtown that combat sprawl, enhance social culture and contribute to the richness of street life below. For the ambitious restaurants that have transformed Austin from a culinary backwater of (admittedly indispensable) barbecue and Tex-Mex into a foodie mecca in just 20 years. For the myriad improvements to East Austin, or at least the ones that don't displace indigenous cultures, that have charged sidewalks and gathering places with an unprecedented buzz. And for all the other neighborhoods that have preserved the best of their physical and social environments, while recognizing the incontrovertible benefits of change. For the pockets of intense culture that pop up in central Georgetown, Lockhart, San Marcos, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg and elsewhere across Central Texas. For the boutiques, eateries and street vendors that make shopping — and walking — so cool along South Congress Avenue, Second Street, the Market District and the Drag. (Selfishly, also for the menswear scattered among the stylish treasures usually reserved for women.) For the taco stands and other purveyors of comfort food along South First Street, South Lamar and North Lamar boulevards, East Seventh and East Cesar Chavez streets. And for the seafood section at the MT Oriental Market in the Chinatown Center. For the seven sisters of higher education that join hands to train Central Texas' creative classes. And for the more than 100 coffeehouses that serve as backup offices and libraries for Central Texas students and workers. Especially for the espresso-based drinks at Java Dive in Lakeway

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Rated as One of the Best Four - Coffee Shops in Central TX- 1st Listed

 "This Lakeway joint makes the most luxurious espresso-based drinks {lattes} we tasted."