1. It's Simple    2.  No Minimum Order     3. Maximum Deliciousness


Order Weekly

Each week's menu is available and open for orders from Wednesday- Friday @ midnight for delivery on Tuesday. Login anytime during the week, type in the number of servings you would like of each menu item for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Click proceed to check out. Simple.


Anxiously Await Delivery Or Pickup at our Kitchen

Once you order, you can stop fretting about grocery shopping and planning your meals. Relax and take comfort knowing that the Fresh and Delicious team is creating your meals with care using only the freshest, natural and organic ingredients.

On Sunday, you can pick your meal at out Hill Country Galleria shop between 10am - 2 pm or we can deliver (delivery fee apply). 
Your meals will be packaged, placed in a container with ice packs and delivered to you. You can leave an ice chest by your door or we can leave the food in high grade foam ice chest (extra charge).



Enjoy Tasty Meals

Each container is clearly labeled with the following information:

  • Name of Menu Item
  • Eat Within # of Days
  • Heating or Cooking Instructions

Follow the instructions and enjoy Fresh and Delicious meals in minutes.